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Tent 2  Original Writing

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Original Drama

Welcome to the Original Writing Tent.

(Supported by Jessie Whitehead

Scriptwriter, Writer in Residence

MA Scriptwriting UEA)


We would like you to write a short monologue or duologue and perform the finished piece. Alternatively take a look at our sample monologues and duologues below. You may want to perform one of these. More can be written for you if you are interested or they may spark an idea for you to write your own.

If you would like to write your own monologue – JUST DO IT.


Even though it’s inspired by Shakespeare, you don’t have to write it like Shakespeare writes - just use his plays as inspiration to write a modern monologue.

Take a theme from his plays: betrayal, love, revenge, appearance and reality, ambition, conflict, corruption, deception, loss, good and evil, hatred, transformation, power, relationships – any theme that you find in his work.


You may be inspired to modernise a storyline and present characters in current situations.


Aim to write about a page; redraft until you’re happy with it; learn it and film on a camera or a mobile phone. You may want to edit the video, or you may want to leave it as it is – either is fine.


If you choose to write a duologue, you may film from different houses and edit the video together.


Please send to us via to the email:


Get creative!

Idea on how to perform monologue:


We have two monologues and two duologues for inspiration and performance.

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