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Schools Connect Shakespeare Programme is a major project across Hastings and Rother bringing innovative teaching methods to engage young people in Shakespeare learning and performance.
Using rehearsal room techniques delivered by the Royal Shakespeare Company, Schools Connect offers unique opportunities for teachers and students to develop creative teaching and learning.
The programme has been developed by HRAEN and is supported by Artswork.

Additional secondary school funding by HOA.

Schools involved in the project include:


ARK Castledown Primary * Chantry Community Primary * King Offa Primary * Robsack Wood Primary * Sacred Heart Catholic Primary * Salehurst Church of England Primary * Staplecross Methodist Primary * St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary


ARK Alexandra Academy * Bexhill Academy * Hastings Academy * Robertsbridge Community College * St Leonards Academy 


Bexhill College 

Niall Whitehead and Barbara Ward are co-ordinating the programme and are supporting schools to deliver CPD, original lessons, Shakespeare  workshops and extra-curricular activities.

Before the closure of schools, we were pleased to support Sacred Heart Primary School, King Offa Primary School and Castledown Primary School with their successful Shakespeare weeks. These were major events in the school calendar. Headspin ran full day workshops for every student on The Tempest. During the week students completed a range of responses to the play including: literacy, art, drama and dance.

Spirit of Youth is an online arts festival for young people. As part of the Schools Connect Programme we were planning a Takeover Day at The De Le La Warr Pavilion in June. Due to the pandemic, our work is now going online. This has given us an opportunity to extend the work into a virtual festival that will go live in the summer of 2020.

SEA Change 

Headspin continue to plan innovative workshops for the future. As schools slowly return to normal we intend to support wellbeing and mental health through SEA Change – a programme of workshops supporting Social and Emotional Aptitude.

Headspin is currently embarking on a new programme (in 2021) to support the development of non-cognitive skills in young people.

SEA Change is a programme of learning designed to develop Social and Emotional Aptitude building life skills for the future and to set young people on an engaging journey of discovery.

Through this innovative programme  founded in drama and the arts, we promote skills for success and create aspiration and attainment.


Social and Emotional Aptitude




Original ideas / Applying learning in new context / Innovating / Imagining new ways of doing things


Self-esteem / Self-belief / Self-reliance / Ability to shape your own route


Resilience / Determination / Self-discipline / Motivation


Explaining / Listening / Reflecting / Questioning / Presenting


Motivating / Negotiating / Valuing / Managing conflict / Building relationships


Problem solving / Researching / Critical thinking

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