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You may already have a composition which fits a theme, or you may want to have a go at some of the ideas below:

  • Create a song based on Shakespeare themes – for example, friendship, love, betrayal, loss, heartbreak, revenge – anything that inspires you

  • Create a rap or hip-hop piece about politics or society

  • Compose a theme for one of the plays

  • Write a song about a character from one of the plays

  • Develop an instrumental piece for a theatre production

  • Try setting one of the sonnets to music

  • Write the music for a Capulet party

  • Create the suspenseful soundtrack to a climax in a play

  • You may want to collaborate with other musicians you know and edit a video together.

  • The video doesn’t have to be edited, it can simply be you singing your song or playing your instrument in a simple video.

You might find some inspiration here:

Top 10 tips for writing songs for beginners:

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