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June 2020

Before the closure of schools, we were pleased to support Sacred Heart and King Offa with their successful Shakespeare weeks. These were major events in the school calendar. Headspin ran full day workshops for every student on The Tempest. During the week students completed a range of responses to the play including: literacy, art, drama and dance.


During the current closure we are continuing our work with schools through our amazing online Virtual Festival, Spirit of Youth.

 Click on the Schools Connect tab to see how you can play a major part in the festival.

Headspin have received funding to support Arts Awards for young people. Even if you are not in school you could still complete an Arts Award. Check out the link to find out about the Arts Award and contact us if you are interested.

Headspin continue to plan innovative workshops for the future. As schools slowly return to normal we intend to support wellbeing and mental health through SEA Change – a programme of workshops supporting Social and Emotional Aptitude.

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